OAS offers three main programs in support of student academic achievement across the university.

Peer Tutor Program

OAS offers academic support for writing, economics, Arabic, French, map of the modern world, and study skills.  Tutoring is available to students of all abilities and at all course levels.  Students do NOT need to be referred by a professor, and we encourage all to come whether you feel you're struggling in a certain area or simply want to improve.  Students make an appointment online to meet with a tutor in 30 or 60 minute increments.

Students who are strong in economics, languages, or writing and who enjoy collaborating with peers are encouraged to seek out a student position on our team.  Peer tutoring also helps students sharpen their own understanding of subject areas, equips them with interpersonal and communication skills, provides the opportunity to lead and develop resources and activities, and offers substantive work experience.  All GUQ students are eligible to apply through the Student Employment Program.  Look for the current position openings list for up-to-date job announcements; application instructions are at the end of each posting.   OAS typically seeks applications in April for fall semester and in December for the spring.

Undergraduate Teaching Assistant Program

Students also receive support from both professional staff Teaching Assistants (TA) and Undergraduate Teaching Assistants (UTA).  TAs and UTAs are present in all economics classes, lead recitations, as well as hold office hours. 

For those who exhibit excellence in economics, as well as in a peer tutor role, the Undergraduate Teaching Assistant Program at Georgetown University in Qatar is one of the most coveted student jobs.  It offers a unique development opportunity for undergraduates to work with faculty and staff members. The highly skilled position involves attending lectures, conducting weekly recitations and review sessions, holding office hours, and grading problem sets under the close supervision of a faculty member.  UTAs are hired by (OAS) to assist with the core economics and MAP classes. Apart from being mentored by faculty and staff, UTAs work closely with professional teaching assistants and peer tutors.  In this rigorous program UTAs gain first-hand experience in different ways economics or MAP can be taught as well as various different learning styles of students.

Peer Mentor Program 

The Peer Mentor Program highlights the Jesuit value of "women and men for others." Freshmen are paired with upperclassmen mentors who help them with their transition to Georgetown. Drawing from personal experiences, mentors guide freshmen into developing their own strategies for academic success and utilizing campus resources.
Mentors allow freshmen to have the opportunity to gain guidance and support during their transition to Georgetown, develop communication and academic skills, and learn from the experiences of fellow GU-Q students.  Discussion topics may include: career goals, choosing classes and majors, summer courses and cross-registration, where to get help, what clubs to join, study techniques, speaking with professors, time management, and how to make the most out of your classes.

Mentors and mentees typically meet three to four times a semester, and it is up to both students to arrange a time to meet that fits into both of their schedules.  OAS seeks peer mentors each fall to participate in this valuable program.