Student Wellness & Counseling Center (SWCC)

Student Wellness & Counseling Center (SWCC) strives to provide holistic wellness services for GU-Q students. The services include prevention, psychoeducation, outreach, assessment, counseling, crisis intervention, and referral services to GU-Q students. The SWCC also provides student centered and program centered consultation and training for other members of the GU-Q community. The services provided by the SWCC promote wellness by acknowledging and respecting differences and advocating for and fostering inclusive and life- enhancing environment.


How can I find you?

First Floor, 1G09-1G19
Georgetown University, GU-Q
P.O. Box 23689
Doha, Qatar
Email us
Phone: +974-4457-8330
Fax: +974-4457-8331
Urgent consultations: 5503-9044


Who are the counselors in Student Wellness & Counseling Center?

Mahnaz N. Mousavi, Ph.D.
1G18, Georgetown Building, PO Box 23689

Elena Lopez Khoury, Ph.D.
Assistant Director
1G19, Georgetown Building, PO Box 23689

Who is eligible for counseling?

All GU-Q students are eligible for SWCC services free of any charges.


Is it confidential?

Yes. Whatever you share with the counselor stays confidential. No information will be shared with others without your direct permission. The only exception is when there is imminent and clear danger to yourself or others.


I am an GU-Q student. How can I make an appointment for counseling?

Call 4457-8330 or stop by the Student Wellness & Counseling Center on first floor of Georgetown Building room 1G09.


How can I refer a student for counseling?

Learn more about how to refer a student to wellness counseling.


What can I do in emergency situations?

In case of life-threatening situations that needs immediate response:

  • If in Georgetown Building call 4457-8458
  • If in Education City call 4454-0999
  • If off campus call 999

You may also call 5503-9044 for further consultation. Other helpful numbers are:

Education City

  • Education City Security Control 4492-7350
  • Education City Helpline 4454-0073
  • Qatar Foundation Care Clinic: 4454-1244, 4454-1240


Hospitals in Doha

  • Hamad Accident and Emergency (public) 4439-2222
  • Rumeillah Hospital (public) 4439-4444
  • Al Ahil Hosptial (private) 4489-8000
  • Doha Clinic Hospital (private) 4432-7300
  • American Hospital (private) 4442-1999


What can I do if I need to talk to a Student Wellness Counselor immediately during office hours?

You may stop by the Student Wellness & Counseling Center in Georgetown Building, 1G09. If you cannot reach the counselor directly call 5503-9044 and ask to reach the counselor immediately.


What can I do if I need to talk to a Student Wellness Counselor immediately after hours?

Call 5503-9044 and ask to reach the counselor on call.


What if I have special needs?

Georgetown University in Qatar is committed to integrating students with physical, psychological, and learning disabilities as fully as possible into all aspects of university life. The Office of Academic Services assists and supports students with special needs to access reasonable services and accommodations.


Learn more about what to expect from Student Wellness & Counseling Center.