Alumni Spotlight: Leena Zahir

1 & 2. What are you doing now? If working, where are you working and what is your job title? Location? (e.g. city if not in Doha)

I work as an impact and research specialist at Teach for Qatar

3. If in graduate school, what degree are you working on? School? Location?


4. If you’ve already earned a graduate or professional degree, what did you study? School? Location?


5. How long did it take you to find your first paid job? Where was it? How did you stay motivated?

I started working at GU-Q as a research associate about five months after graduation. I was motivated by the time-bound nature of the job and my interest in the research project I was a part of.

6. Looking back, what were some of your “takeaways” from your GU-Q experience?

The biggest takeaway would have to be that your time at college is what you make it. I'm glad I took advantage of several opportunities presented to me as a student, but I wish I was more involved!

7. What advice would you give to current undergraduates who may want to follow in your footsteps?

I would urge undergrads to start thinking about the skills they will need for a career in research/monitoring and evaluation and try to develop them as much as possible right now by taking relevant classes, interning in research/evaluation departments, etc.

8. What are some of your proudest achievements so far? Future plans?

I'm proud of how much I have grown professionally over the last couple of years and my ability to balance work-life demands, although this remains a work in progress!