Welcome to the Facilities Management Department

Welcome to the Facilities Management Department (SFS-Q FM)

The mission of SFS-Q FM is to support the Georgetown University Qatar mission and goals by providing efficient and effective services that will promote a quality working and living environment for the entirety of the Georgetown University Qatar experience.

SFS-Q FM serves the SFS-Qatar staff, faculty and student populations by providing services such as

Housing Services, Building Operations, Bookstore, and Auxiliary Services for the Georgetown Building.

Environmental Initiatives

Email us for any inquiries or in an emergency call us on x8250.


What is an FM Ambassador?
An FM Ambassador works with a particular department to better communicate between Facilities Management and other departments. Every
department has a designated ambassador:

Clare Wait - Faculty, Dean's Office, Office of Research
Jill McSorley - Student Development
Hussein Al Dobashi - Human Resources, Information Technology
Steve Heath - Library, CIRS
Cesar Seguban - Academic Affairs
Vera Eid - Communications
Lori Sakkab - Administrators
Shelley Ford - Finance
John Ngurugwe - Outreach and Business Development
Roel Serrano - UCL