Student Research


SFS-Qatar's curriculum trains students to rely on evidence to make arguments and conclusions about the world around them. In addition to their research in the classroom, students at SFS-Q regularly conduct and contribute to cutting-edge research with assistance from faculty.


Student research at SFS-Qatar is funded through the Qatar National Research Fund's (QNRF) dedicated student research fund - the Undergraduate Research Experience Program (UREP). The UREP aims to stimulate undergraduate research opportunities in Education City by funding student-driven and student-conducted research projects on topics of relevance to Qatar’s national development. Learn more about UREP.

Middle Eastern Studies Student Association

The Middle Eastern Studies Student Association (MESSA) aims to provide a dynamic platform that allows students to present their work on Middle Eastern economic, social and political issues. Every year, MESSA organizes an annual undergraduate conference on Middle Eastern Affairs, where students from around the globe present their undergraduate work affecting the Middle East. Additionally, MESSA manages and publishes a peer-reviewed Undergraduate Journal of Middle Eastern Studies as a medium to publish selected conference papers, and independently solicited undergraduate essays. The journal is published by, an online publishing platform developed by Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation Journals. Visit the MESSA website. Read the MESSA Journal

Honors in the Major

SFS-Q has three curricular majors—international politics, culture and politics, and international economics. Every year faculty members select a small group of each major’s top students and offer them training in the best principles of research in that field’s tradition. These 'Honors in the Major' students must author a substantial research paper that reflects nearly a year’s worth of work and present it to the SFS-Q community. Faculty members from each of the curricular majors read and critique the papers and decide which papers merit honors recognition.

Further details on annual Honors in the Major awards are located in the Commencement section of our annual reports. Read the SFS-Qatar Annual Reports.

Student Research Highlights

Georgetown SFS-Qatar's students engage in numerous research activities, the outputs of which have enabled them to present their work at various conferences and events, and/ or won them awards and fellowships. Learn more about Student Research Highlights