Office of Research Publications

Below is a list of publications created by the Office of Research which provide a comprehensive profile of the thriving research culture here at SFS-Qatar among faculty, staff and students alike. Links to SFS-Qatar publications which are research related have also been provided.

SFS-Qatar Research News

The Office of Research publishes the SFS-Qatar Research News on a six-monthly basis. The SFS-Qatar Research News is a citation list of recent faculty publications, conference presentations and related news of interest. The most recent edition was published in May 2014, with the next edition scheduled for publication in December 2014.

SFS-Qatar Research News May 2014SFS-Qatar Research News May 2014

SFS-Qatar Research News Dec 2013SFS-Qatar Research News Dec 2013

SFS-Qatar Research News May 2013SFS-Qatar Research News May 2013

SFS-Qatar Research News Dec 2012SFS-Qatar Research News Dec 2012

SFS-Qatar Research News Apr 2012SFS-Qatar Research News Apr 2012

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SFS-Qatar Research Report 2005-2013

The Office of Research published a detailed report of all work published and carried out by SFS-Qatar faculty and research staff since the establishment of SFS-Qatar in 2005, until 2013.

SFS-Qatar Research Report 2005-2013SFS-Qatar Research Report 2005-2013

SFS-Qatar Annual Reports

View yearly compilations of the research activities at SFS-Q through the Georgetown University SFS-Q Annual Reports.

SFS-Qatar Annual Report 2012-2013SFS-Qatar Annual Report 2012-2013

SFS-Qatar Annual Report 2011-2012SFS-Qatar Annual Report 2011-2012

SFS-Qatar Annual Report 2010-2011​SFS-Qatar Annual Report 2010-2011

SFS-Qatar Annual Report 2009-2010SFS-Qatar Annual Report 2009-2010

MESSA Journal

The Middle Eastern Studies Student Association (MESSA) publishes a peer-reviewed undergraduate journal on Middle Eastern Studies, The Journal of Georgetown University-Qatar Middle Eastern Studies Student Association. The first issue was published in May 2014 as a medium to publish selected papers from the MESSA Conference and independently solicited undergraduate essays. The journal is published by, an online publishing platform developed by Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation Journals.

MESSA is an SFS-Q student body which aims to provide a dynamic platform that allows students to present their work on Middle Eastern economic, social and political issues. Every year, MESSA organizes an annual undergraduate conference on Middle Eastern Affairs, where students from around the globe present their undergraduate work affecting the Middle East. Visit the MESSA website.

MESSA Journal, Volume 2014