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Recent research-related news from SFS-Q is listed below.  For a further, comprehensive compilation of research-related news please view our latest SFS-Q Research News publication by clicking here (printed at the end of each semester). 

Cool Factor Boost Needed to Ensure Arabic's Survival

8 May 2014

Arabic has to become "cool" experts say, to ensure its survival through today's pupils.  “They think English is cool and Arabic has nothing to do with being modern and being cool,” Yehiya Mohamed, Assistant Professor of Arabic at Georgetown University in Qatar, told the International Conference for Arabic Language, in Dubai, on Thursday. “We live in a completely westernised culture so students are not proud of their identity and culture. That, I guess, is the most challenging: to make students proud of their own culture and traditions, and their own language." For full story click here

Student Scholars at Georgetown University in Qatar Launch Historic Academic Journal

23 April 2014

Georgetown University in Qatar (GU-Q) announced the inaugural launch of the first academic political science journal that is published by university students in the Middle East. The Journal of Georgetown University-Qatar Middle Eastern Studies Student Association is the work of GU-Q’s Middle Eastern Studies Students Association (MESSA), and published by Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation Publishing. The focus of the first publication, which includes articles from students at top universities including Harvard, Princeton, and Tufts who presented their research at the second MESSA conference earlier this year, reflects the conference theme: "Globalization & the Middle East: Youth, Media and Resources". For full story click here

Qatar High School Students Hone Research Skills at Planet Georgetown Week

17 April 2014

Twenty-six Qatar-based high school students recently completed the Georgetown University in Qatar (GU-Q) Planet Georgetown week-long after-school research program. The young researchers were all Year 10 students and represented 14 schools, both independent and private, from throughout Qatar. The highly-selective program put the students through their paces as their research tasks aligned with this year’s Planet Georgetown theme: Mapping the Modern World.  For full story click here

Students and Scholars Focus on a Globalized World at Georgetown

20 March 2014

SFS-Q hosted university students from around the world at third annual Middle Eastern Studies Student Association's (MESSA) Undergraduate Research conference entitled "Globalization & the Middle East: Youth, Media and Resources".  MESSA, the conference sponsor, now in its third year, is a uniquely student-focused campus organization, giving young people a chance to emulate their esteemed peers in the research community, through the hard work of writing an academic paper and presenting it at a conference. MESSA intends to bring together scholars, educators and those interested in the study of the region from all over the world. For full story click here.

Arab Youth Employment: Knowing what works and what doesn’t

06 March 2014

Georgetown University in Qatar (GU-Q) will host a three day symposium from March 6-8, 2014, to discuss hot-button topics surrounding Arab youth and job creation in the Arab World. Participants, including policy makers, practitioners, academics and researchers, will present and discuss the evidence base for "what works" in increasing the employment and productivity of youth in the region. For the full story click here

Science and Religion at a Crossroads

02 March 2014

Georgetown University in Qatar (GU-Q) will hold a two day symposium from March 3-4, 2014, entitled, “The Human Person: Challenges for Science, Religion and Governance.” The event will bring the often controversial issues surrounding science, religion, and the world of medical treatment and research, or “bioethics”, to the forefront of public discussion. The main objective of the conference is to provide an opportunity for greater scholarly collaboration between the participating leading scholars and experts from the United States, Europe, and the Middle East, in exploring Muslim, Catholic, and secular approaches to the understanding of bioethics. For full story click here

GU-Q Specialist on Conflict Resolution, Ibrahim Sharqieh, Receives Distinguished Alumni Award

24 February 2014

Ibrahim Sharquieh, Adjunct Assistant Professor at SFS-Q, has been tapped to receive the George Mason University (GMU) School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution (S-CAR) Distinguished Alumni Award. Professor Sharquieh will receive the S-CAR Distinguished Alumni Award at the annual Celebration of Distinction banquet on April 9, 2014, in Fairfax, Virginia, USA. Recipients of the prize must be nominated and the awardee is determined by strict criteria and assessed based on professional accomplishments, awards and recognition, service/contributions to the S-CAR community, level of engagement with GMU, and demonstrated excellence in conflict resolution theory/research/practice. For full story click here

Sacred in French/Francophone Poetry

10 February 2014

Patrick Meadows, Associate Professor at SFS-Q, has written an article that explores the role of negative theology, or apophatism, in the expression of the universal dimension of the sacred in the work of two poets, one Christian and one Muslim: the twentieth-century French poet Pierre Jean Jouve (1887–1976), and the living Lebanese Francophone poet Salah Stétié (born in 1929). Meadows’ forthcoming article, “Apophatisme et dimension universelle du sacré chez Pierre Jean Jouve et Salah Stétié” will appear in a volume titled Le Sacré et ses doubles, the fourth volume of a series called Les Valeurs. For full story click here

GU-Q Professor Sheds Light on Spiritual Journeys at Hay Festival Dhaka

09 February 2014

GU-Q's Professor Patrick Laude recently joined poet and writer Arundhati Subramaniam and researcher Anna Cocchiarella for a panel session titled 'The Mystic Soul' at the internationally renowned Hay Festival Dhaka. The panelists discussed various definitions and aspects of the spiritual path and shared their own respective experiences and itineraries. For full story click here.

GU-Q Professor’s New Book Analyzes Arab Youths Restlessness in Modern World

06 February 2014

Georgetown University Professor Joshua Mitchell is author of the new book Tocqueville in Arabia: Dilemmas in a Democratic Age. In his book, Mitchell analyzes the challenges young people in the Middle East face in the modern world. Of particular interest in Tocqueville in Arabia is Mitchell’s description of a psychological restlessness in today’s Arab youth, a condition he says resembles Tocqueville’s predictions, from nearly two centuries ago, of the condition of those in transition between the aristocratic and democratic ages in France, the rest of Europe, and in America. To read more of this book, click here.  For full story click here. 

Georgetown Students Analyze Qatar's Urban Planning

20 January 2014

A research project called Doha by Design: Urban Planning and Social Space in Doha, Qatar, is underway by four Georgetown University in Qatar (GU-Q) students and their two faculty mentors. The project, sponsored by a Qatar Foundation (QF) Undergraduate Research Experience Program (UREP) grant, analyzes Doha’s use of planning and space, and the effects of those plans on social interaction. The students assert that there is well-documented quantitative data on urban development, but that no qualitative research exists. This is the information vacuum the student researchers seek to fill. For full story click here

The Shifting Demography of Migrant Labor in Qatar Discussed at Georgetown

09 January 2014

The Center for International and Regional Studies (CIRS) at Georgetown University Qatar (GU-Q) hosted Zahra Babar, Associate Director for Research at CIRS, for a CIRS Monthly Dialogue ‎lecture titled “Working for the Neighbors: Arab Migrants in Qatar” recently. In her presentation, Babar ‎delved into the topic of Qatar’s recent population boom, with a focus on non-GCC Arabs in the workforce, and the economic factors that contributed to the shifting demographic balance of migrant workers. For full story click here

Georgetown University Qatar Presents the History of Jerusalem's Changing Demographics

28 November 2013

The Center for Regional Studies (CIRS) at Education City’s Georgetown University Qatar (GU-Q) hosted Micha Kurz at their Monthly Dialogue Series public lecture on 28 November 2013, where he delivered a lecture titled “Mobilizing Communities in Occupied Jerusalem”. Kurz, a former IDF soldier who is the co-founder of Grassroots Jerusalem, an online platform that connects urban and human rights activists and organizations in Jerusalem, discussed the current demographic situation of this ancient city in terms of recent political events stemming from the creation of Israel. He then detailed the socio economic impact on Palestinian communities in light of the ongoing struggle to establish a majority benchmark of Jewish citizens. For full story click here

Georgetown University Qatar Hosts Public Lecture: "From Revolution to Coup: Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood"

21 October 2013

The Center for International and Regional Studies (CIRS) at Georgetown University Qatar (GU-Q) hosted a public lecture titled “From Revolution to Coup: Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood” on 21 October 2013, as a part of its Monthly Dialogue Series held on its Education City campus. In the lecture, Dr. Al-Arian, an assistant professor of history at GU-Q, traced the trajectory of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt over the last three decades leading up to the removal of President Hosni Mubarak from power. He evaluated how that history, which followed the path of a reformist movement, rather than a revolutionary one, shaped their political performance over the last three years, and ended in a reversal of political fortune. He then discussed what reactions might be expected in the future, in light of a saga that continues to unfold in daily headlines. For full story click here

Georgetown's Heritage Learners Program Sets a New Course for Arabic Language Instruction

10 October 2013

Georgetown University Qatar (GU-Q) announced the recent launch of the full implementation of their Heritage Learners Program, a groundbreaking Arabic-language initiative that addresses the unique learning needs of native-speakers. This initiative, which began in 2008 as different course offerings for new and native speakers, has been expanded to include new faculty, new classes and materials, and a research agenda that explores the issues surrounding the policy and implementation challenges facing Arabic language instruction. Professor Abbas Al-Tonsi, Senior Arabic Instructor at SFS-Qatar was the recipient of a National Priorities Research Program (NPRP) grant from the Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF) in 2008, for a research project focused on Pedagogy for Heritage Learners. This new program leads on from such resesarch. For full story click here

Georgetown University Qatar Projects Put Qatar on the Research Map

03 October 2013

There has been recent expansion drive at Georgetown University Qatar (GU-Q), which includes new faculty, new programs, and even more students, which has brought renewed focus on the research initiatives faculty pursue inside and outside of the classroom. As a result, GU-Q are building a strong and vibrant research culture in Doha, by exploring a diverse range of issues that affect Qatar, the region and beyond, in the field of the humanities and the social sciences. For full story click here

Georgetown Author Presents his New Book, Qatar: Small State, Big Politics

23 September 2013

Dr. Mehran Kamrava, Director of the Center for International Regional Studies (CIRS) at Georgetown University Qatar (GU-Q) presented his newest book, Qatar: Small State, Big Politics, at a book launch on the university’s Education City campus on Monday, September 23rd 2013.
Qatar: Small State, Big Politics, is the latest publication for the Georgetown professor and author and is a critical and timely account of contemporary Qatari politics and society that challenges the understanding of the role of small states in the global system. To read more of this book, click here. For full story click here

Mass Media and the Muslim Mind: Georgetown Qatar's New Research Findings

12 September 2013

Dr Alexis Antoniades presented the results of his UREP-funded project Media Branding and Viewer Perception in Qatar at a lecture entitled "Mass Media and the Muslim Mind" on 12 Septemember 2013. The project findings refute the perception that a “hostile media effect” exists in Qatar - the notion that Muslims may perceive balanced media coverage on sensitive or controversial issues to be biased against them. The findings suggest that Muslims assess bias in media coverage on the basis of the actual content of the information, rather than the information source. For full story click here.

Georgetown University Author is Hosted by Qatar's British Business Community

11 September 2013

Over 160 members of the Qatar British Business Forum (QBBF) gathered in a conference ballroom of Doha’s W Hotel on September 9th, to attend Georgetown professor Dr. Mehran Kamrava’s presentation about Qatar, the subject of his newly released book Qatar: Small State Big Politics. To read more about this book, click here. For full story click here.

Mohamed Zayani appointed CIRS SFS-Q Faculty Fellow for 2013-2014

28 August 2013

Mohamed Zayani is an Associate Professor of Critical Theory at the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service in Qatar and an Affiliate Faculty with the Communication, Culture and Technology Program. As the 2013-14 CIRS SFS-Q Faculty Fellow, Mohamed will continue his close collaboration with the Center on it's research into the role of the Arab media in the aftermath of the 2011 uprisings. This research initiative has been underway for the past year, and Zayani has been and will continue to be its central driving force as it moves forward. For full story click here

Launch of National Priorities Research Program Cycle 7

4 August 2013

NPRP Cycle 7 is now open for applications. Interested Georgetown faculty are invited to contact Ivanka Hoppenbrouwer for information and advice on applying to Cycle 7. Please note that the  deadline for the Office of Research to submit faculty member's Letter of Intent to NPRP is 12pm on September 17th. QNRF will be holding public presentations, and broadcast webinars on the changes to the application process. Dates and venues will be announced by QNRF in due course.

Georgetown Students' Migrant Research Tapped by International NGO

13 June 2013

Georgetown alumnus Aakash Jayaprakash was extremely happy to see the culmination of their work when he recently learned that one of the largest Swiss-based NGOs would be using the curriculum that he and his Undergraduate Research Experience Program (UREP) team designed. For full story click here.

Georgetown Professor Wins Prestigious Social Sciences Award

03 June 2013

Steven Ward, visiting assistant professor at Georgetown in Qatar, has been awarded the 2012 Harold N. Glassman Dissertation Award in the Social Sciences. Ward’s dissertation title is Status Immobility and Systemic Revisionism in Rising Great Powers and he is currently revising the manuscript for publication as a book.Forr full story click here.

Georgetown Student Wins HBKU Student Leader of the Year

20 May 2013

“Know when to lead from behind.” That’s Indeewaree Thotawattage’s advice. The Georgetown student is this year’s recipient of the HBKU Student Leader of the Year award. Selected from a host of nominees, all associated with one of the branch campuses at Education City, Indee says she feels extremely honored to have received the prize. “It was very inspiring to be surrounded by individuals who truly care about the community that they’re in and who really want to do good work.” For full story click here.

Georgetown Professor Explains Libyan Writer's Inspiration

1 May 2013

What do songs, silence and the heart have in common? All three pave the way to understanding the concept of unity of existence that runs through Libyan author Ibrahim al-Koni’s books as discussed by Associate Professor at SFS-Q Amira El-Zein at Georgetown’s CULP-IPOL seminar on February 21. Dr. El-Zein kept the Doha audience enraptured with her spiritual analysis of three of Al-Koni’s novels: The Bleeding of the Stone, The Seven Veils of Seth and Anubis.For full story click here.

Distinguished Economist Joins Georgetown in Qatar

22 April 2013

The Georgetown University School of Foreign Service in Qatar (SFS-Q) is exceptionally pleased to announce that as of January 2013 prominent economist Professor Oded Stark has joined its community as Distinguished Research Scholar. As member of the Faculty of Economic Sciences at the University of Warsaw, Stark received his home institution’s highest academic honor, the Doctor honoris causa degree on March 21, 2013. He is best known for his contributions to the economic theory of labor migration. For full story click here.

Daniel Lucey on Global Viral Outbreaks

22 April 2013

Daniel Lucey, Adjunct Professor of Microbiology and Immunology at ‎Georgetown University Medical Center and an expert on global virus outbreaks, delivered the ‎final CIRS Monthly Dialogue of the 2012-2013 academic year. Titled “Global Travel and ‎Virus Outbreaks 2003-2013,” the talk focused on past global outbreaks of respiratory diseases ‎like SARS and H1N1, and a possible future one that has recently been discovered in the Middle ‎East. For full story and to watch the lecture, click here.

Georgetown in Qatar Students Receive Top Honors

15 April 2013

On April 1st, 105 students were announced as Dean’s Honors recipients at Georgetown University School of Foreign Service in Qatar’s (SFS-Q) annual Dean’s Honors Dinner. Hosted by SFS-Q Dean Gerd Nonneman and held at the Georgetown building in Education City, this event is a Georgetown tradition that celebrates the hard work of dedicated students who have excelled in their studies. For full story click here.

Georgetown Scholar's New Study Addresses Yemen's Reconciliation Challenges and Solutions

14 April 2013

“A Lasting Peace? Yemen’s Long Journey to National Reconciliation” is the title of the recently published field-based research study by Ibrahim Sharqieh, adjunct professor in International Conflict Resolution at SFS-Q. Dr. Sharqieh’s findings are the result of field research in Yemen that included dozens of interviews with senior government officials, heads of political parties, civil society organizations, tribal leaders, youth revolutionaries in Change Square, and representatives of the Houthis (north Yemen) and Herak (south Yemen). For full story click here.

Georgetown Students' Grant Research Focuses on Qatar

17 March 2013

Three students at Georgetown University School of Foreign Service in Qatar (SFS-Q) have been awarded two Undergraduate Research Experience Program (UREP) grants from Qatar Foundation’s (QF) Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF) in support of research projects related to Qatar’s national needs. These students and their two SFS-Q faculty mentors are part of the growing Georgetown community engaged in high-quality, innovative research that applies academic tools and concepts to understand real world situations.For full story click here.

War By Other Means: Georgetown Discusses Iran Under Sanctions

13 March 2013

The Center for International and Regional Studies (CIRS) at the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service in Qatar (GU-Q) recently hosted a panel discussion titled “War by Other Means? Iran Under Sanctions” held on its campus in Education City. The panelists, Dr. Mehran Kamrava, Director of CIRS, Dr. Mansoor Moaddel, CIRS Visiting Scholar and Dr. Manata Hashemi, CIRS Post Doctoral Fellow, analyzed the history and consequences of US-led sanctions on Iran, leveraged amid US concern that Iran’s uranium enrichment could be turned into nuclear capability. For full story, and to watch the discussion, click here.

Can the Alaska Model Work in Qatar?

10 March 2013

Both Qatar and Alaska pull oil and natural gas out of the ground. Both sell oil and gas as exports. And, like most oil exporting states, both place some of their fossil fuel export revenue into investment funds. But Alaska does one thing that neither Qatar nor any other resource exporter does with its investment fund: It pays a dividend in cash to every citizen. Karl Widerquist, associate professor at Georgetown University School of Foreign Service in Qatar (SFS-Q) is the leading scholar regarding the fund in Alaska. His two books, Alaska’s Permanent Fund Dividend: Examining its Suitability as a Model and Exporting the Alaska Model: Adapting the Permanent Fund Dividend for Reform Around the World, have been described as timely and of use to even non-resource-rich countries of both the industrialized and the industrializing world, Dr. Widerquist thinks that Qatar should consider implementing a similar system. For full story click here.

Georgetown SFSQ Roundtable Brings Together British and Qatari Education Partners

7 March 2013

The British Minister for Universities and Science, David Willetts, recently concluded a visit to Education City where he took part in a research roundtable organized by the British Council and hosted by the Georgetown School of Foreign Service in Qatar (SFSQ). Officials at the high level meeting representing educational institutions from across the UK gathered at the SFSQ campus to meet with representatives of Education City universities and other prominent Qatar Foundation organizations to discuss the future possibilities of collaboration between the two countries. For full story click here.

New Book for Arabic Learners Fills Niche

26 February 2013

Dr. Al-Tonsi, co-author of the Al-Kitaab Arabic language series, has written another new book and it is called Umm al-Dunya: Advanced Egyptian Colloquial Arabic. Dr. Al-Tonsi’s new book has been described as “very holistic.” Written for students of Egyptian Colloquial Arabic who already have training in Modern Standard Arabic, Umm al-Dunya is the first textbook to incorporate the different levels and variations of Egyptian Colloquial Arabic in both its everyday and educated forms. Umm al-Dunya is also the first book to use multimedia as a tool to teach Egyptian Colloquial Arabic. With its focus and emphasis on skillful pronunciation, phonetic and syntactic differences, and vocabulary and grammar, students will easily be able to use the language outside the classroom. For full story click here.

SFS-Q Professors Pen Book on Water Security

10 February 2013

Two professors at Georgetown University School of Foreign Service in Qatar (SFS-Q) have written an important new book on water security called International Conflict over Water Resources in Himalayan Asia: Conflict and Cooperation over Asia's Water Resources. The book’s authors, Robert G. Wirsing, professor at SFS-Q, and Daniel C. Stoll, associate dean for academic affairs at SFS-Q, joined with Christopher Jasparro of the U.S. Naval War College as tri-authors, combining their decades of experience examining water resource rivalry. The book explores the freshwater crisis of Himalayan Asia, the depletion of its water resources and the increasing disputes over who owns transboundary river waters and their basins. Touching on themes such as river rivalries, transboundary river, alternatives to water conflict, and the future of Himalayan rivers, the broad range of chapters include water topics relevant to the region, including climate change. For full story click here.

CIRS Zahra Babar Discusses Food Security on France 24 TV

16 January 2013

To watch, click here.

Georgetown SFS-Q Professor Amira Sonbol's New Book Gulf Women Details History of Arab Women

15 January 2013

With the publication of the groundbreaking book Gulf Women, Georgetown University School of Foreign Service in Qatar (SFS-Q) Professor Amira Sonbol has continued her contribution to documenting the history and lives of Arab and Muslim women. Published by Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation Publishing (BQFP), this robust volume of 15 essays by 12 contributors is edited by Sonbol and successfully presents a multifaceted history of women in the Gulf, both before and after Islam. The book’s foreword, written by Her Highness Sheikha Moza Bint Nasser, is an engaging description of her own quest for research to help counter misconceptions about women in the region. From there, the book’s chapters create a timeline that guides the reader through the ancient, the medieval, the early modern and the contemporary periods of Arabian Gulf history. For full story, and to watch interviews about the book, click here.

Prof. Zayani Discussing the Recent Al Jazeera Acquisition

14 January 2013

To watch, click here.

SFS-Q, CIRS Launches Qatar University Fellowship Georgetown in Qatar: Enhancing Local Research

23 December 2012

The Centre for International and Regional Studies (CIRS) at Georgetown University School of Foreign Service in Qatar (SFS-Q) has awarded Maha Al-Hendawi, Assistant professor of Special Education in the College of Education at Qatar ‎University (QU) a CIRS Fellowship. This follows the recent launch by CIRS of an annual fellowship to be ‎awarded to a member of QU faculty, in order to enhance local research productivity and build upon its established collegial ‎relationship with QU. The fellowship awarded by CIRS will support QU ‎faculty members in pursuing original research projects, with the aim being to publish ‎research outcomes in leading journals or with university presses. For full story click here.