Faculty Research

The Georgetown SFS-Qatar faculty demonstrates an unrivaled commitment to world-class research, teaching, and public service. SFS-Qatar staff members conduct research on a variety of intellectual and social issues. They use innovative research techniques to examine matters of concern to the modern world and to gain deeper insights into the ancient world.

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Latest Faculty Research

This revised edition of Frithjof Schuon's letters, edited by Patrick Laude, is fully re-translated and contains an appendix of previously unpublished writings. For further information about the book, click here.






Ayman Shabana’s latest article, “Islamic Law of Paternity between Classical Legal Texts and Modern Contexts: from Physiognomy to DNA Analysis” is available from the Journal of Islamic Studies. To read the full article, click here.






Renaud Fabbri’s latest article, “Political Theology and the Dialectics of (Counter)-Secularization” is available from the Journal of Politics and Religion.To read the full article, click here.






Steven Ward's latest article "Race, Status, and Japanese Revisionism in the Early 1930s” is available from the Journal of Security Studies.To read the full article, click here.







Mehran Kamrava’s latest book highlights how Qatar's 'subtle power' in the world of regional and international politics is challenging how we understand the role of small states in the global system. For further information about the book, click here.






Patricia Reynaud’s latest article, “Bent Keltoum: Entre Oppression et Force?” Is available from the Journal of Expressions Maghrébines: Traversées Franco-Maghrébines. To read the full article click here.








Featured Books

Karl Widerquist’s latest book argues the basic income guarantee is an appropriate institution to help secure freedom and self-ownership in a modern industrial society. Read more about Dr. Widerquist’s work here, or this book here.






Amira Sonbol’s latest book brings together delves into the history of women in the Gulf and the Arab world. Spanning ancient history, through to contemporary periods, the book presents a diverse array of experiences of women from the region. Learn more about Dr. Sonbol’s related work here, or this book here.






Robert Wirsing and Daniel C. Stoll's co-edited book explores the fresh water crisis and related boundary disputes of Himalayan Asia. The book examines how such disputes impact the present and future interstate relations of this key region. Learn more about Dr.Wirsing's related work here or about this book here.






Conferences & Workshops

SFS-Qatar faculty members pursue a variety of research topics such as international relations, political economy, and domestic politics of the Gulf. As part of their research, faculty members frequently present at, and organize conferences. Learn More.

Faculty Awards & Fellowships

Georgetown SFS-Qatar's faculty members engage in numerous innovative research activities, the outputs of which have won them awards and fellowships. Additionally, faculty members are often supported in their research activities by an internal, competitive grant awards system. Learn More.