Student Employment Program

Fall 2014 Announcements

As of August 24th, hiring for Fall 2014 will begin using the newly revised Wage Levels. Hourly pay is now tied to both the position level, and whether or not the student is being rehired within the same department.

To advertise a position, please complete the Position Description Form and send it to Student Employment.

If you are rehiring a student, please utilize the Calculating Hourly Wage form to calculate the hourly wage for each rehire.

Once hiring decisions have been made, please proceed to the Hiring and Financial Forms page and follow the guidelines to proceed with the hiring process.

The Student Employment Handbook is available here.

The Georgetown University School of Foreign Service in Qatar offers a number of on-campus employment opportunities for students each semester. Departments hire students for a variety of  functions, ranging from administrative assistance to peer tutoring.

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