Financial Aid

There are several types of funding sources available to students at the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service in Qatar.  Most students at Georgetown have some combination of scholarship, financial aid loan, and self-funding.  It is possible that you could be eligible for one or more of the options listed below.  Please read through the information to learn what kind of financial aid may be available to you.

HBKU Loan (Hamad bin Khalifa University Financial Aid Program): HBKU provides need based financial aid in the form of zero interest loans.  Loans may cover expenses such as tuition and fees, housing, travel expenses and study abroad.  Applications are submitted on a yearly basis.  Please note that HBKU will consider all scholarship amounts as ‘income’ in making financial aid (loan) awards.

There are two options for repayment of HBKU loans after graduation: standard repayment or paid service.  Under standard repayment, students can choose to commit to paying 15% of their monthly salary until the total of their loan has been repaid.  With paid service, students can choose to stay in Qatar and work at one of the HBKU approved centers for a period of one to six years, depending on the amount of loan borrowed.  Students can choose a combination of both options. Specific questions should be directed to the Financial Aid Office at Please visit for more information.

Students should go to to register their account and begin the application process.  We recommend that students complete these applications well before any stated deadlines, and follow up carefully with the financial aid office in order to ensure a complete application and a timely response.

Ministry or Other Sponsorship: Qatari citizens may qualify for tuition sponsorship through the assistance of the Higher Education Institute. Student Finance at GU-Q bills the Higher Education Institute, on behalf of sponsored students, for all tuition and fees, except textbooks.  HEI sponsored students are required to make direct payment to GU-Q for their textbooks.  Other organizations in Qatar also sponsor GU-Q’s Qatari students.  The list is growing each year but currently includes Qatar Civil Aviation Authority, Qatar Petroleum, Doha Bank amongst several.

Merit Scholarship: Students admitted to Georgetown University-Qatar are eligible for merit-based partial scholarships (generally 1/3 to 1/2 the cost of tuition and awarded based on the strength of the application).  There is no separate application process for merit scholarship consideration.  Scholarship recipients are notified when they are informed of their admissions status.  A review of the each student’s academic standing will take place every semester.  This scholarship may be awarded to students in any year (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior) of university.

HBKU Student Fund Scholarship:  The student fund scholarship program is designed to target academic excellence.  A limited number of scholarships are available; selection is not guaranteed.  Eligibility is based on meeting the following criteria:

  • Full time student who has completed one year of study at their branch campus (Georgetown University, SFS-Qatar)
  • Outstanding academic qualification with minimum overall GPA 3.6
  • At least two letters of recommendation from professor and academic dean
  • Renewal is subject to maintaining a minimum overall university GPA of 3.6

Student Fund scholarship awards covers tuition costs only. 

This scholarship will complement any partial scholarship including any merit scholarship awarded by the university (the QF and branch campuses matching scholarship).  This scholarship may be awarded to students in any of the following years of university: sophomore, junior, senior.

GU-Q and HBKU Work Study: GU-Q students may earn money and gain experience by working at GU-Q or elsewhere in Education City. Students may work up to 20 hours a week while classes are in session, and 40 hours during summer and winter semester breaks. Typical student wages range from 30 to 40 QR/hour (roughly USD10/hour).
Through the HBKU Student Employment Program, many students in Education City may work in any of the branch campuses or centers around campus.  To qualify for this program, a student must be enrolled in one of the branch campuses, Academic Bridge Program or Qatar Academy.  Please contact HBKU for further information.

In addition, at Georgetown University-Qatar, individual units (such as the library, finance office, admissions office, faculty research projects, etc.) hire students directly as Georgetown student employees. Please contact the Office of Student Development,, for additional information about on-campus work at GU-Q.

FAFSA Aid (US citizens and eligible non-citizens only): Many Georgetown students meet a portion of their college costs by borrowing through federally funded and/or private student loan programs.  The primary source of these loans is the Federal Stafford Loan Program. Some students with exceptional need may qualify for a Federal Pell Grant.  For more information, please see or contact the Georgetown University Office of Student Financial Services at +1-202-687-4547.

For more detailed questions about any of the above options, please contact Naila Sherman at the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service in Qatar by email at