How to Apply

Georgetown University School of Foreign Service in Qatar constantly works to make its application materials accessible and user-friendly.  This is an overview of the application process with details on our online application solution and the supporting application materials.

The Georgetown University School of Foreign Service in Qatar offers an Online Application System which allows for submission of key required application materials including the Personal Statement, Essay and personal documents.

Applicants may choose to submit the application fee online by credit card payment or by check or money order made out to Georgetown University. Please note that cash payment of the application fee is not acceptable.

School transcripts, a Counselor "Overall Academic Assessment Report" and the Teacher Report should be sent directly from the school via the online application or school-to-university secure document transfer. 

Transcripts may also be submitted in a sealed envelope from the school, with the school official’s stamp or signature on the envelope closure. Teacher recommendations and the counselor assessment should not be submitted in hard copy. 

Applicants must request results be sent directly from the testing organization to SFS-Qatar.

ACT (code 0669)
SAT I (code 4563)
TOEFL (code 8750)

SFS-Qatar will accept, on a temporary basis, unofficial score reports or reports provided by the student.  Before a final decision can be made on the application, however, official reports must be received by the SFS-Qatar admissions office.

Please be sure to fill out all forms completely and accurately.

Any questions should be addressed to: All materials must be sent to:

Admissions Office
Georgetown University
School of Foreign Service in Qatar
PO Box 23689
Doha, Qatar

Telephone: +974-4457-8200
Fax: +974-4457-8201

Confirmation of Online Application Submission

Once you have completed your online form, and you have clicked on the “Submit” button, you will receive an automatic confirmation of your application submission from Georgetown University.  Prior to submission, you should print a copy of your complete application for your records. The application is not viewable by Georgetown University until you click the “Submit” button – and the “Submit” button will not work until the application is complete.