Academic Honor System at SFS-Qatar

 As a Jesuit, Catholic university, committed to the education of the whole person, Georgetown expects all members of the academic community, students and faculty, to strive for excellence in scholarship and in character.

To uphold this tradition, the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service in Qatar has established an honor system. Students are required to sign a pledge certifying that they understand the provisions of the Honor System and will abide by it. Students reaffirm this pledge at New Student Convocation, just before fall classes begin.

The Honor Council is the principal administrative body of this system. The Honor Council has two primary responsibilities: to administer the procedures of the Honor System and to educate the faculty and undergraduate student body about the standards of conduct and procedures of the System.

Every student is required to complete the online Scholarly Research & Academic Integrity Tutorial during the first semester. In first year courses such as the Proseminar, students also receive instruction on proper forms of citation and how to avoid plagiarism.

Honor Council Members - Academic Year 2013-2014

Students: Faculty:
Indee Thotawattage, Class of 2014 (Student Chair)
Jeremy Koons, Philosophy, (Faculty Chair)
Khadiya Alony, Class of 2014 Akintunde Akinade, Theology
Touhami Abi, Class of 2014 Ahmad Alqassas, Arabic
Caroline Abi Saleh, Class of 2014 John Crist, Associate Director of Research
Khadija Mahsud, Class of 2014 Zhaoyang Hou, Economics
Shadi Al Shebli, Class of 2014 Phoebe Musandu, History
David Daniel, Class of 2014 Amy Nestor, English
Atul Menon, Class of 2015 (on Main Campus, Spring)
Ganesh Seshan, Economics
Dana Qarout, Class of 2015 (on Main Campus, Spring)
Steven Ward, Government
Talal A. Al-Naama, Class of 2015 Daniel Westbrook, Economics
Mariam Bengali, Class of 2015 Robert Wirsing, Government
Leena Nady, Class of 2015 Hana Zabarah, Arabic
Aya Makki, Class of 2016 Mohamed Zayani, Humanities
Catherine Lechicki, Class of 2016  
Nadine Abdullat, Class of 2016
Eman Thowfeek, Class of 2016
Brendan Hill, Associate Dean, Student Development
Azka Zia, Class 2016 Heather Kerst, Assistant Dean, Academic Affairs
Thana el-Sallabi, Class of 2017 James MacGregor, Senior Assistant Dean, Academic Affairs
Jaber Al-Thani, Class of 2017 Christine Schiwietz, Assistant Dean, Academic Affairs
Joseph Hahn, Class of 2017 Daniel Stoll, Associate Dean, Academic Affairs
Mohammad Taimu Ali Ahmad, Class of 2017 Anne Nebel, Assistant Dean, Academic Affairs
 Student Consultant: Executive Director:
 Jacqueline Snell, Student Development Officer Kai-Henrik Barth, Senior Assistant Dean, Faculty Affairs


Access the full text of the Honor System at SFS-Qatar