Objectives and Activities in Academic Affairs


Academic Affairs pursues its mission through an interlocking set of objectives within Academic Services, the BSFS Program and the Faculty Suite:

I. To deliver the BSFS program with the same excellence in instruction and standards as is offered on the main campus, and support the academic needs of students who struggle or who wish to excel;
II. To promote academic honesty and integrity;
III. To foster students’ understanding of the world’s international stage.
IV. To recruit excellent faculty members, from the main campus and in open searches, and to facilitate faculty members’ engagement with colleagues on the main campus;
V. To plan the curriculum, develop new majors and certificates, and promote best pedagogical practices, working with the faculty;
VI. To encourage and support faculty members’ research.

Activities in Academic Affairs to Achieve Each Objective 

I. To deliver the BSFS program
1. We oversee the BSFS curriculum and, in collaboration with the faculty, develop and promote majors and certificates.
We currently offer three majors— Culture & Politics, International Economics, and International Politics; we also offer two certificates unique to this campus—American Studies and Arab and Regional Studies.
2. We promote independent research and term papers for students into the certificate requirements and in the honors track of each major; we also help faculty recruit students to apply for UREP grants, nationally-competitive fellowships and graduate schools.
3. Academic Services supports students in academic difficulty with tutoring and other forms of learning support.
4. Most academic deans teach one course a semester.
5. We put together a session of summer courses, since students need summer courses to advance their education before they go overseas, to catch up on electives, or to accelerate degree progress.

II. To promote honesty and integrity:
1. We maintain a branch of the University honor system;
2. An assistant dean for academic affairs serves as the executive director;
3. Faculty members and students serve on the Honor Council.

III. To promote students’ understanding of the world as an international stage and to educate them to be responsible and effective players on that stage:
1. We maintain the functions of OIP within our office: actively advertising and recruiting students to come to and from the main campus for a semester, a year, or even for summer courses;
2. We stage crisis simulations for students each semester.
3. We schedule two bi-local courses, with both main campus & Doha based students.
4. We also collaborate with Student Affairs in its service-learning and community-based learning (such as Zones of Conflict, Zones of Peace) initiatives.

IV. To recruit and retain an excellent faculty and to ensure that it is linked to the main campus:
1. The Associate Dean of Academic Affairs oversees the recruitment process and faculty members are involved in every open search, together with main campus colleagues on the search committees.
2. We oversee and financially support regular travel by faculty members to the main campus to engage with their disciplinary colleagues there;
3. Faculty members have sought colleagues on the main campus as partner PI’s in their NPRP grants.

V. To support the curriculum and promote best pedagogical practices:
1. The academic deans are each assigned to collaborate with the faculty member who serves as the primary major or certificate adviser to plan that part of the curriculum.
2. The faculty schedules round-tables to share ideas and best practices.
3. The Office of Academic Services works with faculty to develop pedagogies and practices that respond effectively to the needs of the student population.

VI. To encourage and enable the faculty’s own research, we offer internal funding:
1. Summer stipends to support ongoing research;
2. Competitive internal research grants awarded annually;
3. Funding for travel to professional conferences when the faculty member is involved in the program.