Academic Calendar

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Fall 2013
August 18th -22nd (U-R): QF International Student Orientation/GU NSO
August 21st (W): Registration (Seniors/Juniors/Sophomores)
August 22nd (R): New Student Academic Convocation, Registration (First-years)
August 25th (U): Classes begin, Registration changes accepted
August 29th (R): Last day for late registration
August 30th (F): Add/drop period ends
October 4th (F): Undergraduate First-Year Student Advisory Grades Due
October 10th (R): Eid al-Adha break begins after last class
October 13th – 17th (U-R): Eid al-Adha holiday break, no classes
October 20th (U): Classes Resume
October 31st (R): Last Day to Withdraw from Courses
November 4th (M): Pre-Registration for Spring 2014 Begins
November 16th (S): Pre-Registration for Spring 2014 Ends
December 4th (W): Classes End
December 5th-6th (R-F): Study Days
December 7th (S): Registration completion for Spring 2014 begins
December 7th- 9th (S-M): Exam Days
December 10th (U): Study Day
December 11th -12th (W-R): Exam Days and End of Semester
December 20th (F): Add / drop for Spring continues
December 22nd (U): All grades due


Spring 2014
January 5th (U): Add/drop continues
January 8th (W): Registration (all classes)
January 12th (U): Classes begin; Registration changes accepted
January 16th (R): Last day for registration changes, add/drop ends
February 11th (T): Qatar National Sports Day, no classes
February 27th (R): Spring Break Begins after Last Class
March 2nd –6th (U-R): Spring break
March 9th (U): Classes Resume
March 13th (R): Last Day to Withdraw from Courses
March 31st (M): Early Registration for Fall 2015 Begins
April 12th (S): Early Registration for Fall 2015 Ends
April 20th (U): Easter Sunday, no classes
April 24th (R): Classes End – schedule is a Tuesday schedule
April 25th – 27th (F-U): Study days
April 28th – May 1st (M- R): Exam Days
May 2nd (F)- Study Day
May 3rd (S)- Last Day of Exams and End of semester
April 29th (T): Fall Registration completion begins
May 1st (R ): Fall Registration completion ends
May 6th (T): Qatar Foundation Convocation; Grades for graduating seniors due
May 10th (S): Commencement
May 11th (U): Add/drop for Fall begins
May 12th (M): All undergraduate grades due
May 18th (U): Summer school classes begin
June 19th (R): Summer school classes end