Academic Calendar

For questions regarding this calendar, please consult the Office of Academic Affairs. For access to the Office of Human Resources Employee Calendar, click here.

Fall 2014

August 17th -21st (U-R): QF International Student Orientation/GU NSO
FY Students’ English Placement Test (depends on NSO schedule)
FY Students’ Language Placement Test (depends on NSO schedule)
August 20th (W): Registration (Seniors/Juniors/Sophomores)
August 21st (R): New Student Academic Convocation, Registration (First-years)
August 24th (U): Classes begin, Registration changes accepted
August 28th (R): Last day for late registration
August 28th (R): Add/drop period ends
October 2nd (R): Eid al-Adha break begins after last class
October 2nd (R): Undergraduate First-Year Student Advisory Grades Due
October 5th – 9th (U-R): Eid al-Adha holiday break, no classes
October 12th (U): Classes Resume
October 30th (R): Last Day to Withdraw from Courses
November 3rd (M): Pre-Registration for Spring 2014 Begins
November 15th (S): Pre-Registration for Spring 2014 Ends
December 4th (R): Classes End
December 5th-6th (F-S): Study Days
December 6th (S): Registration completion for Spring 2014 begins
December 7th- 11th (U-R): Exam Days
December 12th (F): Study Day
December 13th (S): Exam Day and End of Semester
December 19th (F): Add / drop for Spring continues
December 21st (U): All grades due

Spring 2015

January 4th (U): Add/drop continues; Registration (all classes)
January 6h (T): Classes begin. Add/drop continues
January 8th (R): Classes run as Sunday schedule
January 15th (R): Last day for registration changes, add/drop ends
February 10th (T): Qatar National Sports Day, no classes
February 26th (R): Spring Break Begins after Last Class
March 1st –5th (U-R): Spring break
March 8th (U): Classes Resume
March 12th (R): Last Day to Withdraw from Courses
March 30th (M): Early Registration for Fall 2015 Begins
April 5th (U): Easter Sunday, no classes
April 11th (S): Early Registration for Fall 2015 Ends
April 21st (T): Classes End
April 22nd – 24th (W-F): Study days
April 22nd (W): Fall Registration completion begins
April 24th (F): Fall Registration completion ends
April 25th – 30th (S - R): Exam Days
April 30th (R)- Last Day of Exams and End of semester
May 2nd (S): Grades for graduating seniors due by 4pm
May 5th (T): Qatar Foundation Convocation
May 7th (R): Commencement
May 10th (U): Add/drop for Fall begins
May 11th (M): All undergraduate grades due
May 17th (U): Summer school classes begin
June 18th (R): Summer school classes