Academics are at the heart of Georgetown’s mission in Qatar. We offer undergraduates, who come from Qatar, across the region, and throughout the world, a Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service (BSFS), a liberal arts education that stresses multidisciplinary studies in a global context. Students devote much of the first two years to a Core Curriculum that provides the essentials of a liberal education and a foundation for further intellectual development. During sophomore year, students choose from one of four majors focused on global issues. Although the majors are rooted in particular disciplines, each incorporates intellectual perspectives from several fields. This dual emphasis on international scope and multidisciplinary approaches distinguishes the curriculum of the School of Foreign Service in Qatar from that of other liberal arts programs. 

Our mission builds on the tradition of Georgetown University as a leading student-centered research institution. As part of our commitment to educating the whole person, we promote academic integrity through our Academic Honor System , provide academic assistance to our students through the Office of Academic Support , and encourage our students pursue Service-Learning initiatives both in Qatar and across the region.

Our faculty are drawn from the Main Campus of Georgetown University or recruited from around the world. The School of Foreign Service in Qatar possesses a library that supports the learning, teaching, and research goals of our students and faculty while serving as a resource for the entire Doha community.